Body Rolling Yoga

Is a self care-approach to healing you! It could also be called myofascial release yoga therapy since it blends yoga principles with the use of massage balls and props to release unproductive patterns in the body. We quickly become aware of the power of proper breathing, better bone alignment and core stability. By following the logic of the neuromuscular system we learn to locate, feel and unwind physical restrictions that hold us back in daily living. As a result we feel longer, freer and even younger after our very first session!

Relax! Breathe with ease! Feel comfortable in your body!

What to Bring


You’ll want to wear tight-fitting yoga-style clothing for Body Rolling. Tighter is better because the ball will wrap itself in loose clothing and will cause you discomfort. Wear tight clothing – Don’t be shy. You needn’t wear footwear for Body Rolling.


You’ll want to walk into Roll Your Body! With an open mind and without any attitude – you’ll find yourself accepting the intrusion and then the therapeutic touch of the ball into your body more quickly if you are relaxed and smiling – the same can be said about a lot of situations.


Body Rolling Ball GreenAll of your equipment will be provided for you at your first class, however, if you are interested in purchasing equipment in advance you can do so here: Buy the Balls!

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