About Micheline

Micheline - Roll Your Body!Micheline likes outdoor activities, music and dance, but spent most of her professional life in the financial industry. She loves skiing, golfing, cycling, and inline skating. As a result of her passions Micheline developed neck, shoulder, arm and knee problems. Because of these ailments she spent a lot of time visiting Chiropractors, Physio, and Massage Therapists. In 2002/2003 Micheline had two knee surgeries.

She started to get back in shape after surgery and ended up back in physio & massage therapy with pain. Her doctor's diagnosis was osteoarthritis in the neck - one flare-up lasted several months, leaving her home-bound after being told she would have to learn to live with it and drop physical activities that aggravate it. To Micheline physical mobility and activity are essential aspects of achieving and maintaining a balanced life - she wasn't willing to live with that diagnosis.

Dr. Bill Cameron, a chiropractor who specializes in the NUCCA technique (Upper Cervical Chiropractic) saved the day. After her first visit, she was able to walk 10 blocks! Self-care was his advice, he recommended Body Rolling. .

The more she rolled her body, the better she started to feel; loose, energized, pain free...After a few months she was sold on the idea - having felt better than she'd felt in years.

Mich figured, "if this works so well for me, everybody should know about it!" and decided to get trained as a Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor, enabling her to share & teach this technology with others.