Vancouver Body Rolling by Micheline

Welcome to Micheline | Roll Your Body! I offer body rolling instruction in Vancouver, Canada.

What is body rolling?

Body rolling is a workout, a massage and a chiropractic adjustment rolled into one! As you roll through your body on a 6" to 10" inflated rubber ball, you essentially tone and lengthen muscles, stimulate bones, and release energy blockages. You let go of unproductive patterns in your body. Body rolling allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimize range of motion.

Who is Micheline?

Micheline is a certified Yamuna Body Rolling instructor. Her passion lies in sharing the benefits of body rolling with others, helping release old patterns and balancing body-mind energies from within.

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Body Rolling

Small ball myofascial therapy helps the body return to balance by letting go of unproductive patterns. By following the logic of the neuro-muscular system, we can remove physical restrictions that hold us back from living fully through our bodies. Energy will be allowed to flow throughout the body using various self-applied techniques with the ball.

Small Ball Myofascial Release

Small ball myofascial release is another name for Body Rolling.

Taking Control of You!

By taking control of your own therapy you learn to be in touch with your body in a whole new way. You begin to recognize your body's needs and learn to work-out in a non-exercise form.

The Rolling Rocker in Seattle

What Sting had to say about body rolling:

"Extraordinary, revolutionary, revelatory and ultimately freeing. Highly recommend five stars. *****" — Sting.

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Yoga Sandals for Foot Fitness

This summer, treat yourself to a pair of yoga sandals. More comfortable than single thong sandals, these stylish flip-flops are great for improving posture, balance, and overall foot health. Wearing yoga sandals will train the toes to spread apart, which in turn helps align the bones of the feet with the ankles, the knees, and the hips. To improve your body alignment, give these sandals a try!

Pedicure/Yoga sandals
Pedicure/Yoga sandals

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